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The super-est version of you. If you're tired of just being average, or downright exhausted, you don't need to get bitten by a radioactive spider or dose yourself with gamma rays. You just need Sevenpointfive.

Fast Pass Driving School

Fast Pass Driving School

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Our Mission is to get you to pass your drivers licence LEGALLY.

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Hands ~ Fascinating Appendages

Hands ~ Fascinating Appendages

in Opinion

The hand is the most frequently symbolized part of the human body other than being a tool of action. For those in the know, hands can reveal lots about the owners personality and health.

June 15, 2018 By Zoé Meyer

Does your website meet the techinical search requirements?

Does your website meet the techinical search requirements?

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Improve your website's online footprint by using this website grader tool.

May 28, 2018 By Admin



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Massage is one of the earliest known complementary therapies, and has been around since about 3000BC according to ancient Chinese texts. Today it still remains one of the most popular therapies and for good reason.

January 26, 2018 By Julia Griss


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iPhone 6 Plus - 16GB

iPhone 6 Plus (white) in mint condition - no scrathes!

R 3,700.00

iPhone 6 Plus - 64GB & 16GB

in iPhone 6 Plus

2 x iPhone 6 Plus (64GB & 16GB) in mint condition - no scratches!

R 6,725.00

iPhone 6 Plus - 64GB

in iPhone 6 Plus , iPhone

IPhone 6 Plus (white) in mint condition - no scrathes!

R 4,700.00

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