Business Success Lies in the Eyes of the Customer

For some reason, many believe that inbound marketing has all to do with acquiring new sales and that the customer experience follows thereafter. Nothing can be further from the reality.

Every interaction with people is founded in trust and will ultimately determine the length and depth of the relationships. Sales or service is no different; people do business with people they learn to trust.

All sales activities are based on forming these trust relationships but once the sales is concluded the service department must ensure that this relationship continues with the evidence of referrals and repeat sales. Customer experience therefor does not happen post sales; it is present during every interaction within the inbound marketing process.

The question then is how to build such relationships throughout the entire inbound marketing process? As a solution I would like to offer the three pillars of a positive customer experience:

  1. Innovation. Stay focused on improving all of the aspects that make up a customer’s experience and include the marketing or sales experiences to the product and support experiences. Be innovative to serve people with the products or services that they need to achieve their goals and solve their problems. Innovation is applicable to everything from your products or services, to the experiences and the interactions that create your customer’s perception. How are you currently innovating to better serve your customers with the best possible experiences and products?
  2. Communication. All communication must be personal, from the customer perspective and not the business, products or services. This is critical in helping you to build trust with people. You should always try to help someone understand why they should buy your product or how to use your product but in their language or understanding. How do you foster personal communication throughout a person’s experience, whether they’re a customer or not?
  3. Education. Educating people to grow their knowledge and not to generate a sale. Educate people about your business or product or service. Content must be your primary educational tool. It is going to help you serve people with the right information to solve their problems, answer their questions, and help them reach their goals and finally assist people to grow. How are you solving your customer’s problem?

.“If we all have a shared and beneficial outcome in serving our customers, we have a unified place where all our interests converge. Success is not defined by our own personal and business line goals; success is in the eyes of the customer.” General John E Michel

We should follow and understand how we can apply these pillars of customer experience because a customer’s experience and their long-term success are formed by every interaction. And every interaction could be a tweet, a phone call, the use of your product or service, or an email; which ultimately help you build trust with people.

Customer Service