Hands ~ Fascinating Appendages

Hands fascinate me! 

To think that those little “paddles” in the forming foetus eventually develop into these beautiful phalanges we call fingers with adapted hair at the end we pretty up with emery-board and paint.

The hand is the most frequently symbolized part of the human body other than being a tool of action. 

) It gives “sight” to the blind

) It gives blessing – literally & figuratively

) In laying hands on someone we transfer healing energy

) It represents power, generosity, hospitality & stability

) It gestures greeting and friendship in linking & shaking the hand of another

) It is expressive to body language in demonstrating emotion like anger, joy, frustration, gratitude and love

) A thumbs-down condemns people without saying the words; same as clapping demonstrates encouragement, praise and support

) It can be used as percussion tool & create the most amazing music – the same in visual art

) It can “lend a hand” and serve others

) It used to be useful as a measuring tool and contributed to the development of expressions in different languages

) It proves our uniqueness as individuals as no two people have identical fingerprints.  As a person grows, his individual fingerprint patterns increase in size but do not change in geometric proportions

) To the trained physician, a cold, moist, flabby handshake often reveals clues relating to a disturbing physical condition. Skin colour & texture and position of the fingers all contribute to diagnosing possible illnesses.

We touch, feel, handle, finger, thumb, paw, grope, palpate, and stroke objects to “transfer & collect data” called our tactile perception.

Tactile perception includes our ability to detect pressure, vibrations, and texture. We have other receptors to detect and respond to temperature, intensity/pain whether it be a cut, a burn or a chemical (bee sting).  Then we have receptors that determine proprioception (sensing YOU in the space around you) to assist with things like putting on make-up, feeding or clothing ourselves.

Our hands are precious! They are magical! To possess the ability to perform so many functions in helping us find our way & thrive. They represent so many things.


For me, the most precious part of having hands is touch, where we feel, give and receive affection and love. As a little girl, I loved it when my mom tickled me & gently stroked my back with her beautifully manicured nails.  )