Social Proof Builders

Eyeball traffic in a local online market provides security for everyone. Local buyers contribute through online word of mouth experiences. Local sellers contribute & collaborate locally to jointly gain a greater local footprint!

InfoGuide creates social proof for the business owner. Social proof is the concept that people will conform to the actions of others; it really is the ‘people do not eat in empty restaurants’ syndrome. There are various methods available to create social proof but the InfoGuide focus on the following:


Testimonials can be questionable based on the objectivity. However if someone outside of the brand but part of a community provides input, the credibility is higher. InfoGuide focus on building business and customer communities accessible and available on a platform where questions can be directed to the person that provided the testimonial

Ratings and Reviews

Customer reviews are very powerful; most customers today will glance at the reviews prior to making a final buying decision. Lack of any reviews will result in customers shying away completely. Ratings, on the other hand, is equally important; it’s the scoring systems and the customer is in fact endorsing the business —a 5-star system on the business showcase pages —as a source of social proof

Subscriber Counts

People always feel comfortable joining the crowd. By creating a small business community as well as a customer community the sheer numbers will eventually benefit the small business immensely.

Social Connections

The InfoGuide website has Facebook and Twitter follower boxes on every page all in aid of playing the numbers game. It has been proven that it attracts the crowds even more plus we do incorporate social shares. We encourage our communities to get actively involved to get these numbers as high as possible purely for purposes of social proof.

Business Partners

The display of our business partners logo’s supports the strategy to establish credibility for the business, allowing InfoGuide to show it has big, relevant, exciting, or lots of business to choose from.


Various types of metrics are displayed on the website visible even to the visitor or potential buyers browsing the website. This is powerful social proof for delivering the comfort buyers seek.

In the book, “Influence,” Robert Cialdini describes social proof as “the tendency to see an action as more appropriate when others are doing it.” Cialdini claims social proof is more powerful when we’re uncertain what to do.

The InfoGuide build a trust in potential buyers of the small business owner who showcase their business on the website, creating certainty, by a carefully planned and executed social proof strategy.

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