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Where buyers & sellers, agents, entrepreneurs, service providers and innovators meet locally in an old style marketplace through online & mobile communication technologies. No matter if you are buying, selling or just looking, we help you find the local experts here!

There is absolutely no doubt that the small business owner brings a vast amount of knowledge and expertise to the market. It is, therefore, important that these businesses are marketed well for maximum exposure, for the benefit of the customer and business alike.

InfoGuide boasts with its own level of expertise with a team of certified online marketers, financial masters and business experts, all with over 90 years of experience collectively.  The collaborative online marketing system was designed, developed and implemented with much care as we take the representation and marketing of the small businesses very seriously.

The technologies we use are carefully selected and revised constantly to ensure maximum results. We included into our marketing mix the following:


Tracking the results of all marketing initiatives is a daily focus to the point where the performance of business showcase pages, deals, events, adverts and every social media channel is known always. All these results are available and visible real time and on time on the website.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimisation is to ensure that people who come to our website (or even on social media where we engage with them) do what we want them to do as much as possible, and that involves filling out a form to obtain their email address. We always publish separate landing pages with various testing capabilities to ensure that we build a database of ‘fresh’ ready to buy buyers for our business partners.


Email marketing is a vital aspect of the collaborative online marketing platform. We do not spam people by buying lists but only focus on permission-based email campaigns, sending only valuable content tailored to the person’s interests. It is a fact that it takes more than one touch to close a sale; email marketing is so powerful because we are staying in front of customers and prospects who have said that they want to hear from us. We offer newsletters, daily deal alerts, event notifications and general marketing tips in our email marketing initiatives.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing includes both paid search ads, like Google AdWords, and search engine optimisation (SEO) to try to get high organic search listings for the Overberg InfoGuide website content. Since most people use search as part of their buying decision, we are there when these people are searching for what you’re selling. We also track the website performance with Google Analytics data and other website performance tools so that we know which showcase pages are clicked on and how we can assist in improvements. These insights are applied to all of our online marketing activities. Our SEO activities involve not just technical enhancements to the website but, most importantly, regularly creating high-quality content, which is what Google use to rank the InfoGuide website highly.


A vast majority of emails are now opened on smartphones, and equally so most searches are done on smartphones, so the InfoGuide website is completely mobile friendly and compatible.

InfoGuide incorporated into the collaborative online marketing system all of the online marketing components including, content, email, social media, SEO and landing pages, to ensure that all businesses engaging with us achieve their business goals.

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