The Secret of Social Media is in the List

Social Media Management, no matter what channel you use, can be overwhelming and confusing.

So you have 1000 connections on LinkedIn, 1000 followers on Twitter and 1000 friends on Facebook. How on earth do you manage them all, gaining value from the effort of building this network of connections? At the end, it may even seem totally fruitless and pointless.

Well, not really if you know how to work each channel correctly. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide a very nifty little feature called lists!

The Secret of Social Media is in the List!

If you design a detailed strategy you can manage each of these social channels like a normal sales funnel. The importance is to design your lists in such a way that you understand where in the sales funnel each of your social media connections is, similar to that of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

In Facebook you will find the list feature on the homepage, nicely tucked away in the left side panel under the heading Friends. As you hover over Friends the More button will appear. Click the More button and you will be able to create your own lists. Now each time that you engage or interact with your friends, (you can only add your friends to your lists) add your friends to a list that makes sense like ‘prospect’. I add all my family to one list and all my personal friends to another, as an example. This way I can go to my list, select my family list and see their latest posts and so interact only with my family members without seeing all the posts of all my friends in the homepage. Very nifty little tool to spy on your competitors as well.

Twitter is a bit easier. Lists are visible and available as a menu option when you click on your photo next to the search bar. It works very similar to that of Facebook and once again the only real challenge is how you are going to manage the lists. Be sure that you start in a sensible and logical way. To move followers to other lists is just not possible. I always advise that you keep your lists, for purposes of a sales funnel management, private. You do not want other Twitter users to subscribe to your lists.​

​​​​​​LinkedIn is the easiest of them all. The list is feature is displayed as a Tag. Select the My Network Menu, My Connections option. When a list of your connections is displayed just start tagging each one of your connections. You can also tag a connection when you visit their profile.  It is a huge job to tag all your connections if you have never done it before but an exercise well worth it. It works differently to that of Facebook or Twitter as you cannot display updates as per a specific list, but you can still manage your connections far more effectively ensuring that you stay in touch with the most important connections.

Take control of your social media activities by getting organized! It works and is the first step towards social media lead generation.

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