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January 17, 2017
City Girl got lost in Pringle Bay
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So here I am, my first year living in Pringle Bay celebrations sounding loudly. But it was not supposed to be, I was only going to stay six weeks until I found something ‘more civilized’. Let’s be real, a Sandton girl moving to Pringle Bay absolutely sounds wrong on all levels. No street lights, dirt roads, baboon fe...

December 26, 2017
Health and Wellness in a Transformational World: - What Alternatives do we have? ~ Part 1

Alternative Healing Bringing all of me together.  With technology advancing with leaps and bounds, we are amazed on a daily basis with new ‘discoveries’ and scientific theories about our universe, and the ‘Miracle R Us’ being verified in amazing ways.  We are re-discovering ancient healing methods that were mea...

January 17, 2017
Betty’s Bay – A Pearl on the Whale Trail
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By: Stefnie Meyer 17 January 2017 From Rooi Els, Pringle Bay, Betty’s Bay & Kleinmond, these coastal villages are hugged close between the “Mountain And The Deep Blue Sea” . . .  a thin strip of land with a “Road That Runs Through It”……Almost sounds like a choice between two bad things & a novel loaded with intr...

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January 17, 2017
Somerset West – Every town has a story
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By: Stefnie Meyer 17 January 2017   Somerset West has its own unique stories of growth, suffering, triumphs and intrigue.  I appreciate historical events & the collaboration of Towns-people that retained old-world charm while keeping abreast with the new so beautifully & gracefully.  A modern town intertwined...

January 24, 2018
CHILDREN: - What A Child Wants Part 4 - Little things count

Society presents various misguided points of view about what children truly need from their parents.  Most parents harbour feelings of guilt & inadequacy sometimes when they start measuring themselves against those opinions.  I thought to address some core desires that I can remember from being a child, being part of ...

August 14, 2017
CHILDREN: Touch – Communicating Love - Giving your child a head start in early development

Our 1st language is energy or vibration. We are SENSORY beings, using touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell to learn about our environment and to communicate. We also have to know where the parts of our body are (called PROPRIOCEPTION); and Develop a sense of where our bodies are in relation to the constan...

February 08, 2018
CHILDREN: Geniuses, Montessori, and the Creative Child of the New World.

Stefnie Meyer 4 February 2018   I’m regularly writing about THE MONTESSORI METHOD.  How I came to do it is truly serendipitous, yet sweet divine meddling, considering my beliefs about life, worthiness & living joyously.  I get so excited when I find more ways to honour Maria Montessori’s wish:  “The highest h...

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