Health and Wellness in a Transformational World: - What Alternatives do we have? ~ Part 1

Health and Wellness in a Transformational World: - What Alternatives do we have? ~ Part 1

Alternative Healing

Bringing all of me together.

 With technology advancing with leaps and bounds, we are amazed on a daily basis with new ‘discoveries’ and scientific theories about our universe, and the ‘Miracle R Us’ being verified in amazing ways.  We are re-discovering ancient healing methods that were meant as gifts and discarded for centuries as ‘snake-oil’ in this ever progressive and sophisticated world.  We have come full circle, so to speak, with science & technology having the ability to re-discover the value of those holistic healing methods.  Modern scientific results now bring to attention that we cannot separate body from mind or spirit when addressing an ill or dis-eased body.

A FRAGMENTED approach to health is a stumbling block in solving the complexity of the mind-body’s natural defences.

I stay awed at how our wellbeing, our Spirit-Mind-Body connection works, how fragile and yet how resilient we are, designed to self-heal and adapt to a changing world, and yet, what prevents us from doing so with ease? 

We ‘painted ourselves’ into a corner with the miss-use of technological advancement.  For instance, we work harder-faster; the turnaround in communication is measured in seconds.  Gone are the days that it took a letter 7 days to reach its destination via fairly modern postal services.  Somewhere we ‘LOST the tree for the woods’.

The demands on human capacity don’t really consider human needs or the true purpose for living.  The proverbial hamster on a wheel is so very applicable in this modern age.  Technology is supposed to help us work SMARTER not SLAVE MORE. We don’t play enough – we WANT TO – but we fear we will be judged as lazy, well . . .  ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull, sick and pre-mature old boy’!

The more we learn, the more we have reason to appreciate ancient wisdom, knowledge and skill to trigger self-healing through touch, movement, art, nature, whole food, linguistics with the common denominator of instilling harmonious mindful living. 

Being 'WHOLE" means we can successfully face challenges.

When we are healthy, we are adventurous, adapt to change without breaking a sweat and eager to climb our ‘Everest’. When our physical being receives everything it needs to stay in homeostasis & our ‘mind-emotion-soul’ aspect does not feel overwhelmed, fearful or anxious we can, as a WHOLE BEING, successfully face challenges.



By: Stefnie Meyer

I conspire to remind everybody I meet to enjoy life the way they intended when they came.
We should laugh more - a lot more . . .  and play at life. We are not getting out of this alive so we might as well enjoy ourselves.  Life is far too important to be taken seriously don't you think?  Do you know how to play? Really PLAY?