Pringle Bay’s very own GP!

Pringle Bay’s very own GP!

Pringle Bay 18 January 2017 – The arrival of Dr Audrey Zietsman, as the local general practitioner for Pringle Bay, was anticipated with much excitement from the local residents. The lack of immediate access to medical care and assistance, especially to the elderly and very young, has been a concern for quite some time. Infoguide was privileged to meet with Dr Zietsman on behalf of the community and to learn more.

As a mother of a three-year-old daughter, Dr Zietsman elaborates eagerly on the importance of her family. She is not local from the Western Cape and completed her studies at the Wits University in Johannesburg, Gauteng. She became a ‘Capetonian’ by completing her community services in Houtbay. When asked why she decided to move her practice to Pringle Bay she simply said “Because I love the area”

“Being a doctor is an interpersonal relationship” Dr Zietsman continued “It is important to me to treat everybody as a person.  I help those that suffer from pain, not only in the body but also in the soul. To me personal touch and connection are very important” There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Dr Zietsman is a people person first who also happens to be qualified a doctor!

We got interrupted by the noisy baboons climbing the tree at her practice window. “Oh, how awesome is this” Dr Zietman exclaimed, clearly enjoying the Pringle Bay wildlife.

The normal medical care offered by a general practitioner can be expected in Pringle Bay. Paramedics to assist Dr Zietsman with medical emergencies are available. Prescriptions will be ordered from the Albertyn Pharmacy in Kleinmond which will be delivered to the Pringle Bay Clinic for collection.

Even though Dr Zietsman is operating from the Pringle Bay town centre she will also provide medical care to residents from Rooiels and Betty’s Bay.

Most of the patient care will be done at the Pringle Bay Clinic, however, Dr Zietsman will assist with home visits during extreme medical emergencies. With having a small child herself, this is a service offered out of compassion for her patients and should not be abused.

Dr Zietsman is contracted with most medical aids and consultations will take place in 20-minute slots. “First-time consultations are very important to me” Dr Zietsman concluded “I need to make sure that I fully understand the person’s needs, but even more important that he/she is comfortable first. The consultation time frames are for purposes of structure but will not interfere with me providing a personal touch to everyone visiting me”

Pringle Bay, Rooiels and Bettys Bay’s residents are in the very good caring hands of Dr Zietsman when medical care will be needed. InfoGuide on behalf of the community welcomes Dr Zietsman!