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We are a full-service provider of advertising and online marketing and reputation management technologies. We are dedicated to providing turn-key web-based systems for businesses and organizations looking for more leads and higher online visibility. We specialize in providing web-based systems for advertising and creating brand awareness, and for developing a relationship between a brand and its consumers. Our systems provide necessary tools and business solutions to grow any kind of business online and in-store. We do offer systems that turn your online presence into a hub that attracts new and repeat customers and followers. Our Systems 1. OnlineEagle Social Media Marketing System -A robust web based dashboard to manage multiple social media profiles. -Queuing multiple social media posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter from one dashboard -Scheduling posts as far into the future as desired and as many posts as required -Posting in any form required; OnlineEagle allows sharing of images, videos, text, web links on -your social pages -Automating posting of queued social posts from one dashboard, no need to login to your -social pages to send posts -Monitoring your online reputation using our system's Social Analytics function -Getting email alerts for every review or comment posted on your social pages for prompt responses if necessary -Creating a new sales channel with Social Commerce; Our system offers social ordering apps to extend your sales channel to social pages -Running competitions, deals and sweepstakes on social pages -Luring fans to your page to view your products / services through our systems' Content Banner function -Setting and sharing your industry related content on your social profiles; Our system does the mining of industry related feeds for you 2. AfriBeam Proximity Marketing System - A complete beacon and geo-fence marketing system -Leverage Location: There is no better marketing than having the ability to market to a consumer when they are in the right location. -Push Notifications: Beacons puts out a Bluetooth low energy signal that once picked up will send whatever push notification the business has setup. -Specials and Deals: Beacons work great for sending deals and specials to consumers within a specific location to bring them in to their business. -Products, Events & More: Another great use for beacons is to provide consumers with product information, local events and much more. -Consumer Engagement: Beacons help keep consumers engaged with what is going on with products and services that businesses have to offer. -Timely Marketing: Geofences give businesses the ability to market time and location based products, specials events and more.


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  • Beacon and Proximity Marketing technology
  • Customer Loyalty systems
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