92 Golf Avenue, , Clubview, , Gauteng 0157 , South Africa

High Hopes Montessori School

92 Golf Avenue, , Clubview, , Gauteng 0157 , South Africa


Tier: Progressive

Environment: Ages 18 months - 6 Years

Nursery & Pre-School - Montessori Education

A Safe and Loving Space for Growth and Development

Montessori Education is a science which uses scientifically developed materials to assist the development of children in all areas of life - creating a "WORLD OF PROGRESSIVE INTEREST". What does that mean? Children learn to love learning. They learn that their world is a magical place and they become aware of their own abilities & capacities. In line with Montessori philosophy, we envision loving and creative beings who are spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically independent and ready to consciously embrace their life’s journey. Through a Montessori and Metaphysical approach we provide children with the tools to continuously develop their skills for lifelong learning. - Treating all individuals with respect and integrity encouraging the understanding of the inter-connectedness of life. Advanced learning of subjects: Sensorial, Language, Reading, Writing, Maths, Practical life, Geography, Zoology and Botany.


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92 Golf Avenue, , Clubview, , Gauteng 0157 , South Africa
Enter Golf Avenue as if en route to Zwartkop Country club at T-junction with Ruimte Main Rte and Pretoria Main Rd.
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