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Montessori Education is a science which uses scientifically developed materials to assist the development of children in all areas of life - creating a "WORLD OF PROGRESSIVE INTEREST". What does that mean? Children learn to love learning. They learn that their world is a magical place and they become aware of their own abilities & capacities. In line with Montessori philosophy, we envision loving and creative beings who are spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically independent and ready to consciously embrace their life’s journey. Through a Montessori and Metaphysical approach we provide children with the tools to continuously develop their skills for life long learning. - Treating all individuals with respect and integrity encouraging the understanding of the inter-connectedness of life. Advanced learning of subjects: Sensorial, Language, Reading, Writing, Maths, Practical life, Geography, Zoology and Botany.


19 Vosloo Street, Northmead
Benoni, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng 1511
South Africa

1. Lisa Selli ~ “My children have been with the Montessori Metaphysic Centre of Light since their doors opened. My children are very comfortable, at peace and secure at the school. They love their teachers and look forward to attending their daily routine. The teachers encourage creativity, independence and individualism, thus nurturing the confidence in the children. Communication is openly encouraged and the children are treated with respect and dignity. Discipline is done with love and discernment for the children’s’ growing personality. The environment is always beautifully clean, colourful and safe. There are many extra activities offered to keep the children’s interests captive and grow their talents. The school also involves the parents as much as possible by organizing various activities and keeping them informed with regular communications. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend Montessori Metaphysic Centre of Light to any parent who is looking for a happy, healthy environment for their child to learn and grow.” -

2. ~ Colette Davel “If it hadn’t been for your team at this Montessori, raising a child alone would have been so much more difficult. He got to learn everything he needed to prepare him for primary school and rooted his perception of life in such a way that I know I will never have to worry about the future. Thank you for pushing hard, teaching with passion and putting my mind at ease.”

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  • MONTESSORI EDUCATION: Ages 4 months - 6 years.
  • INTEGRATED LEARNING THERAPY - Unravelling causes of learning & behavioural difficulties.
  • BABY MASSAGE WORKSHOPS - Touch is part of their sensory & social-emotional development - It's never too late to start with this form of communication.
  • NURSERY - Nurturing & loving care
  • MEALS: Breakfast, Hot Lunch and Afternoon snack (for full day attendance)
  • FEES: Half day = R 2,250.00 and Full Day R 2,500.00


Mon - Fri - 7:00 - 17:30


1 Review
Carl Meyer Carl Meyer
Dedication and Care

I have personally visited the school and what an eye-opener! If you are looking for dedicated care for your little one, served with love and patience the highest reward for this school can only be our Trust!

July 2017

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