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All the pictures in our laminate flooring gallery under the tabs “Rayjees professional work” and “Rayjees creative work” are pictures that were taken from our very own professionally fitted installations. We have weekly pictures updated so you can verify our latest personal categories for your viewing knowledge. We pride ourselves in authentic, artistic work that can be tailored to your specific needs. We humbly request that you take few minutes peeking through this gallery to prove this fact. Rayjees Flooring is a reputable company based in Johannesburg that is determined about quality laminate flooring that strives to keep every customer in highest regard and is fully satisfied with our final product. Our aim is to assert to you that we can get the job done bringing the style, texture, look, and even shine that you as a customer are looking for in the quality of laminate flooring into your home and business. No job is too complicated or too enormous for us to achieve. Our company offers a wide range of selected laminate flooring and vinyl flooring to personally suite your style, ranging in prices to accommodate your pocket. We stock only the best of quality laminate flooring products, specializing in German made laminate flooring products. We offer all our clients with a 1 year installation warranty as well as 15-25 years of warranty on laminate flooring. We will beat any quote in terms of quality by precision of work. Best prices guaranteed. Our operations team prides themselves in excellent, friendly service and unequivocal workmanship. All our laminate flooring is fitted by professionally trained employees with over 15 years of experience in their respective field. Feel free to contact us at any time or send us an email and we will contact you directly. We pride ourselves in taking full care of our customers and welcome your patronage. We are always happy to assist you in anyway way we can. N.B. Our quotes are absolutely FREE of charge to all clients in the Johannesburg area so we urge you to take full advantage NOW!! Don’t hesitate; take that next step to dazzle anyone who walks into your Home/Business. We guarantee you will be impressed. STAIRCASE INSTALLATIONS PROFESSIONALLY DONE


East Rand Traders Square Stall C35. 4 Frank Road,

South Africa

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