Reptile Buddies ~ Snake Removal and Educational Shows

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Pretoria, Tswane, Gauteng , South Africa
Reptile Buddies ~ Snake Removal and Educational Shows
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Reptile Buddies ~ Snake Removal and Educational Shows

Pretoria, Tswane, Gauteng , South Africa


Safe snake removals, Educational snake shows and Children's Birthday Parties, creating an awareness and respect for nature. With knowledge, appropriate action will not only keep you safe but prevent the unnecessary harm to valuable species.

We teach the public the value these various "scary critters" have in nature, to respect them and to have the knowledge to identify & act appropriately around them. Knowledge is powerful and fearless awareness about them, will keep you safe.

We remove snakes from inappropriate areas - We do not charge a call-out fee but we most certainly appreciate DONATIONS.

Birthday parties & "Science Outings" at school gives us an opportunity to introduce children with real life interaction, curbing fear & creating awareness.

Reptile Buddies do their training with Mike Perry from African Reptiles and Venom and assist there from time to time with other training groups.





BEFORE you opt for a reptile pet, do your homework on types of non- poisonous reptiles and about the sizes to which they grow, their diet and everything there is to know about them, before you get one.

These creatures are terrific escape artists, stubborn & will keep on exploring to find a way to escape.

They also need a warmer place to be at for the regulation of body temperature which you have to take care of.

You have to prepare yourself to set aside some space in your freezer for pre-killed frozen prey for your pet snake, which are mostly rodents - you can't be squeamish about that.

Even if they aren’t dangerous, you need to have them safely locked up because they will terrorize your neighbourhood if they escaped and end up being hurt or even killed by scared & ignorant individuals.

Snakes may live up to twenty years or longer, so it is going to be a long-term commitment.  Who looks after your pet when you go away?  Are they willing and trained?  Be prepared for a long life of mammal–reptile bonding, so please talk to us before you get a reptile pet.


Snake Removals - No call-out fee but we appreciate all DONATIONS in support of our work.
Educational Shows
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Pretoria, Tswane, Gauteng , South Africa
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