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Shenz Craft Studio creates quality handmade items aimed at the Photography Studio. 

These products set the scene for what the creative Photographer tries to achieve.  High quality items are a necessity. Not only do they carry the theme of the portraits but will be used frequently in different photo shoots. 

Some of the Sewn, Knitted and Crochet items are suitable as toys, dress-up themed parties & concerts.

Certain items are available to rent for the duration of a photo shoot.


Western Extension
Benoni, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng 1500
South Africa

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  • Please note all items are made to order therefore it takes 14- 21 working days to complete an order.
  • I also do custom orders.
  • Certain items are available to rent.
  • Knitted, Crochet and sewn items for:
  • Infant portrait photo dress-up;
  • Child portrait photo dress-up;
  • Maternity dresses to show the "Baby Bump"
  • Themed masks & clothing sets (Batman / Superman / Spider-man / The Flash / Unicorn / Ballerina etc. )
  • Animal Themed caps & clothing sets (Bunny / Bear etc.)
  • Posing Cushions in various shapes and sizes
  • Posing Beanbags in various shapes and sizes
  • Wooden themed posts; crates; mini-beds, cribs, baskets, etc.
  • Themed soft furnishings to complete studio sets.


Mon - Fri 7:00 - 17: 00

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